Ventilation & Custom Sheet Metal

Custom Sheet Metal & Ductwork

We take immense pride in our work and outstanding history of working with home builders and general contractors. And we owe our success to using old-school handmade methods paired with the efficiencies of modern tools and practices.

All our Custom Sheet Metal projects are 100% completed in-house, which means you get the best of our 75 years of experience and the perfect fit every time.

Duct System Design

We bring over 75 years of experience in designing the right fit for your home and commercial property. By using our Duct Design experts, you can avoid the lengthy and costly permit application process by having your ductwork designed right the first time.

Contact our team today and put our experience and expertise to work on your Duct System Design project.

Heat-Recovery Ventilation systems (HRV)

Heat-Recovery Ventilation systems, also known as HRVs or Air Exchangers, are a requirement in all new home constructions and a great addition to any home to improve air quality for your family. We’re a Venmar Authorized Dealer and have decades of experience installing, servicing and maintaining HRV systems.

Contact us today to find out more about adding it to your new home construction plans or how HRVs can improve the air quality of your home.

Venmar HRVs Heat Recovery Ventilation and air exchangers